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Amanda Monroe’s life went up in flames three years ago and she can’t rest until she finds the ones responsible. Kevin and Martha Monroe had taken her into their home and treated her like family when she was found abandoned the day she was born. They hadn’t deserved to die that way. Someone would pay. They would all pay.

Cole Vasco had always enjoyed his life exactly the way it was. He loved his beer, he loved his whiskey, and he loved his women. He was a bachelor for life, and he liked it that way. And then she walked into the bar. Even over the beer, the smoke, and the odor of too many people packed into a too-small building, he could smell the scent of her, and it called to him in a way that nothing had ever done before.

All the while somewhere out there, a group of men in a beat-up old pickup truck drove down the road drinking cheap whiskey and loading their guns and hunting for the little bitch that had been asking too many questions in too many towns along the way.


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